‘sup.’: the benefits of the UK started

We’ve seen and heard of outstanding start-ups being born in the United Kingdom, and that’s just what happened with a young company called ‘sup.’ The idea is simple: users get real-time notifications for when their friends are nearby, giving them a chance to meet up and hang out. Not sure what you initially think of it? Let’s take a look at the list of pros about this service.


It keeps people connected

This one’s a no-brainer and is the very core of why ‘sup.’ exists. It’s unrealistic for us to expect each other to give others a head’s up when they’re close to you. Like everything else these days, “there’s an app for that.” There’ve been countless times when you’ve been somewhere and it didn’t occur to you at that time that a friend was nearby and you could’ve perhaps spared a bit of time for them. Fair enough that this won’t always be the case, but if an app can let you know at that time so you can decide, why not get it? It’s a reminder for us to keep social – put the phone down and pay attention to someone who’s there with you in real life. This is a very pure and convincing intention behind ‘sup.’ that makes it very appealing to myself and I’m sure the growing number of users the start-up currently has!


It reminds people to establish new friendships


This has surely happened to many of us: we add friends from high school and you chat for a bit and decide to hang out sometime. The feeling seemed very mutual to both, and yet it never happens! Why? Likely because you don’t know this person very well so you don’t know their whereabouts. With ‘sup.’, it lets people know of those folks in real-time. Maybe it’s an opportunity to actually say “Hey, I’m nearby, want to grab a coffee?” Time to actually follow through on those plans to meet up! The mobile app tells you when someone is nearby, and it could be your BFF from high school that you would actually like to hang out with. Now you’re a man (or woman) of your word – a great quality in any friend!


It’s a great marketing tool


Of course as with any geolocation-type apps, it serves as a great avenue for businesses to market to potential customers. They can send out customized offers according to their social media activities. Local stores can customize packages and deals for people who may have interest in what they have to offer. It’s a powerful tool to make sure customers are fully aware of what’s around them and perhaps even indulge when they didn’t think about it – a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses!


While the app and any others related to it can offer great benefits, it likely won’t attract those people who are paranoid about such technology. Yes, there is something creepy about someone out there knowing where you are at any point in time – that’s a scary thought for sure. But it is the “way of the future” – we’re entering a world where being connected all the time proves more pros than cons. There are instructions available to those who’d rather not be part of this conspiracy theory, but it may mean that their mobile apps won’t be optimized to its full potential. My final take on the matter? If something helps people connect in a world where we’re barely looking up from our mobile devices anymore, then I’m in. Privacy will always be a concern for many for a very long time. Let’s enjoy what’s around until we’re given a really good reason to stop.


Songkick – helping connect people with their favorite artists

Music is one of the few things in life that transcends culture, so naturally a United Kingdom startup wanted to capitalize on this well-known fact. Available in over 60 global markets, their mission is simple: sell out each concert. How do they do that exactly?

Fans stay up to date

Some fans out there are truly obsessed with the bands or artists they listen to. It’s not enough to hit repeat on their songs or listen to their albums, but they usually scour the internet to see what’s happening with them. Songkick is a platform that allows fans to keep connected with their favorite artists so they don’t have to do those searches on their own. Imagine waking up and finding out what your favorite singer was up to the evening before while you were sleeping – that’s a true fanatic’s dream! Information is everything. If fans don’t have to find information on their own, they’re happier fans!


Concert alerts

Of course Songkick felt that creating a wholesome experience meant that fans should be made aware if their favorite artists are playing at a venue near them. They provide their users with customized alerts whenever a fan happens to be near a location where their favorite artist will be playing. Again, this experience saves fans the time and effort to search multiple websites to find concert listings on their own. Everyone’s got enough going on in their lives today – who has time to perform multiple searches these days?!?!

Don’t find out last minute


A fan’s worst nightmare is to find out that their favorite artist is playing at a venue near them and they heard nothing of the event. This happens a lot and it unfortunately means a lost opportunity for both the artist and the fan. While this of course is a matter of marketing in the right avenues to make sure the right fans are being reached, Songkick helps solve this problem. They help limit the number of fans who are disappointed they didn’t get to see their favorite artists live. Instead of finding about concerts last minute and tickets being sold out, they give fans a head’s up ahead of time so those fans can purchase their tickets.

35E8399D00000578-3672139-Tickets_were_only_available_online_leaving_many_fans_unhappy_aft-a-36_1467546507927Tickets sold online


Probably the most important part of their business, Songkick also provides its users with the option to purchase concert tickets through them directly. They team up with artists to not only get their hands on tickets, but also try to create engaging experiences for them. Songkick works with artists directly for ticketing control, trying to eliminate the possibility of them ending up in the hands of scalpers or third parties who’ll then mark up the tickets. When that happens, of course ticket prices are marked up which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of both fans and artists while the third party makes money.


While this field has major competition from larger companies who offer the same services, Songkick seems to have a unique suite of offerings to delight fans. They focus on every aspect of a fan’s journey in order to connect with their favorite artists. From the first step of knowing what bands are up to (very important in the daily life of a die-hard fan) to knowing their upcoming concerts, Songkick has both these areas covered. Plus of course, most importantly, they want to make sure fans don’t get to miss out on seeing those artists live. Songkick wants to make sure they eradicate the age old excuse of “I didn’t know they were playing…” so fans all over the world all get an opportunity to see their favorite artists.


Smith & Sinclair: booze candy

If you’ve ever had jello-shots, you know they’re staples to some of the most fun parties you’ve ever been to. They’re treats, but with alcohol – you kill two birds with one stone! Smith & Sinclair from the United Kingdom likely channeled the popular party favor, to have come up with what they call “cocktail confectionary”. They’ve described their products as great ‘ice-breakers’ and while I couldn’t agree more, there’s definitely more to these types of treats other than just conversation starters.


So let’s take a look at all the good & bad that come with ‘jell-shot’ types of party food. Let’s start with the good:


Easy to consume


You won’t need cups or ice – that’s every party planner’s dream! You take one or a handful and shove them in your mouth before heading back to the dance floor. Absolutely no risk of spilling your drink on your host’s carpet or expensive couch! If you’re out in a crowded club (though I highly doubt they’d make these themselves) you no longer have to worry about half your drink ending up on the floor because folks dancing around you can barely stay on their feet to keep up with the music. Let’s just face it – whenever there’s a chance to solidify something, it’s not such a bad idea – it makes life easier… especially when we’re talking about alcoholic beverages.


Easy to “sell” to your guests


No, I’m not talking about charging each of your guests $1.00 a piece (although that might just be a great idea for someone). I mean you’ll come across some folks who’ve never tried a jello-shot, or in this case, a “cocktail confectionary” – there’s such a novelty behind them that even the folks who “barely drink” would likely even take one just for curiosity’s sake. Most people remember when they had their first jello-shot at a party – and most people will likely remember the first time they had booze-candy as well. Smith & Sinclair are definitely onto something!


Now, the cons of these boozy babies:


It’s hard to make


Unlike jello-shots which essentially is a 3 step process, making candy (not that I’ve ever made them before) seems to be quite the feat – let alone candy with alcohol in them! That’s where Smith & Sinclair come in – they take care of that worry for you. Although it’ll likely cost more than your conventional box of flavoured jello and alcohol, it’ll definitely be a talking piece by the end of the night (for those who are still up after a long night of partying). There’s a great opportunity here for Smith & Sinclair to expand to other venues such as pubs, bars and clubs – they just need to make sure they price accordingly. I can imagine that this sort of thing would be quit a hit for folks – no more drinking plus a sugar fix – SCORE!

It could creep up on you


I’m hoping that Smith & Sinclair have put some thought into the effects of a sugar rush plus being intoxicated – it’s not always the best combination. So what happens when someone enjoys these candies a bit much and then all of sudden, two things hit them: the alcohol and sugar. The burst of energy could be bad or good – depends who you ask, but it should definitely be a fair warning for folks who decide to take a handful of these at a time. Like anything else, they should wait for the effects before having more.


This UK based start-up has definitely hit a “sweet” niche – they’ll be a hit at parties for sure!


Schoop: a way to learn about how your kids are doing at school

This United Kingdom start-up offers up a clever play on words with their mobile app. Their goal is to provide teachers and parents a direct line of communication so they can personally talk about kids’ progress in school. Parents all over the world have gotten used to the old reply of “fine” or “not much” when asked about how school was that day. Schoop helps alleviate that problem by allowing both adults on each side of a child to freely communicate with another.


So how does this work, exactly?


Schoop charges each school a fee per child so that parents may have access to the app. It’s actually such a simple and novel idea. There’s an app for everything, so why not an app that links you directly with your kid’s educator?


It’s a messaging app


At the very core of it, the ability to connect parents with their kids’ teachers mean it’s a communication or chatting type of tool. There’s already a plethora of them out there, does the world really need another? These days smartphones are plagued with apps that barely gets used – will this simply contribute to that list? While I’m not a parent myself, how often do parents need to talk to their children’s teachers? Are PTA meetings not a thing anymore? If I had a kid, I’d simply go to the school or call them to talk about concerns I have with my kid if I had any. Just a thought – and again, this is purely from a non-parent, so take it with a grain of salt please!


You don’t need to “make small talk”


Both the parent and teacher know what the app is used for, and they’ll likely get straight to the point if one reaches out to the other. Unlike in-person meetings where there’s a bit of chatter about the weather or admiring the art work on the walls in your child’s classroom, these messages will be direct and to the point. If either of them contact each other, it simply means that there’s a matter to be discussed. It’s very unlikely that chats using Schoop will be casual and random (there are other apps for that). The faster a concern can be relayed, the faster it can be dealt with by either parties. In today’s world of faceless interactions, Schoop simply joins the club – just with a different target audience.


It’s a way to know “without knowing”


Sometimes kids won’t want to talk about school – either it was uneventful for them, or something bad happened, in which case they definitely wouldn’t want to talk about it. With Schoop, it allows parents the peace of mind to still know what goes on in their kids’ lives without having to nag their kids directly about it. While it would be unrealistic for teachers to keep an eye on kids every single second of the day, if something big enough happens, they’ll surely hear about it. Of course when a kid goes home after a tough day at work, a cheery or inquisitive parent is the last person they’d want to talk to. Schoop gives kids that sense of privacy while it provides parents peace of mind.


Back in the day, when the Principal needed to talk to my mom, they’d keep trying the home line until they reach someone. Those problems are long gone – now there’s an app for that, as there truly is for everything else these days! While Schoop is a fantastic advantage for parents and teachers alike, here’s hoping they don’t have to use it that often, otherwise there may be bigger problems than an app can solve!


Blue Ocean Strategy And Company Growth

When you are the owner of a company then you aim to make it bigger with the passage of time. For this reason you might use many different strategies, and every different strategy has its pros and cons. Blue ocean strategy is one type of strategy that has gained a lot of recognition and is a very wide strategy that covers many different aspects. Here you will find some important things about the strategy that will help you with the growth of your company.

5899399_f260Basic Data

The blue ocean strategy is based on as many as 150 strategic moves and is the result of a decade long research and study.
This strategy covers many different aspects and is not just taken from those companies which were successful but also those companies that were not very successful in their respective fields.

What Does It Pursue?

The blue ocean strategy mainly pursues the idea of differentiation and low cost. This strategy does not believe in compromise and an easy way out. Instead what this strategy shows is that you have to completely give up one thing in order to achieve the other. This means that you can either have few high value customers and sell your service at a higher price, or have more customers who are willing to buy your service or product at a reasonable and low price.

Nullify The Competition

Blue ocean strategy does not look forward to beat the competition and go ahead from them. Instead it aims make the competition irrelevant so that making-your-competition-irrelevant-with-blue-ocean-strategythey have nothing to work and strive for. Other strategies mainly aim to subdue the competition  by making them choose a specific field, but this not the case with blue ocean strategy.

Building and establishing a company is a difficult and time taking task, and running a business even more difficult. If your business is running successfully and smoothly then you can now choose to expand and grow it. This is again a time taking and challenging task that needs a lot of attention, transition from a small to a medium sized business is no doubt one of the most exciting stage in the life of a businessman.

Some Ending Words

When an owner of a business enters this transition then there are many questions that come to the mind. Using blue ocean strategy is not a piece of cake, but if you are able to get hang of it then it can be very helpful. These were some things that you should know about growing a business. Every business needs to be expanded at a certain time or else it starts to face failures. It is not possible for a company to keep on running smoothly for a very long time and that is why expansion is a must. Fulfilling all of these things is a difficult and time taking task, but if you manage to go through all these troubles then you can ultimately be the owner of a successful company.



Zap& Go: the world’s solution to batteries running low

As the founder of this United Kingdom based start-up has experienced time and time again, he’s sat on the floor of an airport patiently waiting for his phone to recharge. Of course he’s not the only one with this problem – we see other outlet squatters in any airport. Finding those coveted plugs before anyone else sometimes decides the fate of your upcoming plane ride. Unfortunately not every plane has plugs or USB ports onboard, which means that finding a free plug while waiting for your flight to board has become a common occurrence in many airports around the world.

What’s so special about this technology? Well, it boasts to charge any electronic device from mobile phones to laptops in less than five minutes. Yep, that’s right. Five minutes. That’s not even enough time to get fully comfortable at that plug you found on the other side of the floor from your gate. Could this really be a thing of the future? If you’re like me, you’ll come to find that questioning technology these days is a massive waste of time. Nothing’s impossible anymore – it’s simply a matter of time. Advancements are inevitable and they will happen.

So what does that mean if you can fully recharge your phone in just five minutes or less? Keep reading to find out!


It makes life way easier at the airport


This one’s a no-brainer – if it wasn’t the number one reason for creating this amazing piece of technology, it definitely should be. It means that if you’re only spending five minutes on sitting on the airport floor waiting for your phone to charge, it means you have more time to relax while waiting for your flight. Maybe grab that cup of coffee, walk around, surf the web, have a glass of wine… the list goes on! Since most travellers typically get to the airport within an hour or so of boarding, it means more time for everything else. So get off the airport floor and do something else! I know you’d rather do something much more exciting than waiting for your device to juice up!


Recharge more of your devices


It’s just common courtesy to share the outlets at the airport – you’re not the only one with a phone that’s dying. So if you only need five minutes before your phone is fully recharged, maybe you can charge your laptop or camera – if each device only takes five minutes or less, why not? Imagine you listening to music on your phone and playing on your laptop during your flight. It makes flying that much more enjoyable. Who cares if there’s a baby onboard crying their lungs out? You’re ready to tune out the ear-piercing cries until you land because it only took you five minutes to charge your devices!


Sharing the electric wealth


You’ve seen it happen more often than not – you’re seated at a plug and someone else looks frantically for one because their phone is dying. Because Zap&Go doesn’t yet exist, it means that you’ll take longer and that poor guy is still searching for a plug. Next thing you know, his flight is boarding and he didn’t get a chance to juice up. You know the poor guy will have a music-less flight. Poor guy. With Zap&Go, it means you can share the outlets with other travellers so everyone can board their flights with fully charged devices – WIN, WIN, WIN!


I personally still can’t believe charging anything for five minutes, but again, it’s just a matter of technology. Zap&Go has already presold in over 70 countries, and soon it’ll be at a store near you! If you’re always out & about, this is definitely something you need to pack all the time!


Company Growing Strategies In UK

The growth and success of a company is like an inclined plane, if you stop pushing forward then the success rate will decline very quickly. What this means is that if you are the owner of a company no matter how big or small, it is necessary to make the hardest of decisions for the betterment of your company. Even the slightest of mistakes and exhibition of laziness can hurt the company’s growth. It is important for every business owner to use the best strategies for this purpose. Strategies differ from country to country, here you learn about the best strategies for the growth of a company in the UK.

Don’t Hire Extra Staff Members

If you are looking for the best strategies for the growth of your business, then there is a high chance that your company is still in its initial phases, therefore everything counts. No matter what sort of business you are doing, you must have a certain number of employees. The key is to go with the existing number of employees and not hire more members. More employees mean, you have to pay more salaries, and at this point every bit of money your company saves is important.Acquisition-Stock-Photo

Staff is only one aspect of this strategy, as this method applies to many other things like the expansion of the premises and buying of more equipment. If your company is able to operate in its current space or premises with the existing equipment then there is no point in expanding any of those.

By Acquisition

This method is one of those methods which can either have an upside or a downside. What acquisition means is that you acquire or buy another business in order to increase the profit and size of your business in very less time. On the upside this purchase can bring great financial advantage to your existing company and it can allow your business to expand its fields of operations. On the downside, such an acquisition can sometimes drain your original financial and management resources.

Establish A New Business

Another great strategy that a business can use is to establish another company alongside the existing one. The other business can work independently and in turn also help the previous one. This is a big step to make but if you are able to do it then it has many advantages. If you set up another business then both the business will help each other and let them work properly.

business-growth1-407x300These were a few strategies that you can use in order to make your company grow in the UK. Growing and expanding a business or company is one of the most important things to do for any businessman. For this he
should be willing to go to many heights in order to achieve that goal. These were only a few methods and strategies but you can ultimately find and invent more on your own. Depending on the situation of the company, these strategies tend to change.



Vrumi: the answer to personal office space

While that title may sound a bit contradictory, the idea itself is quite unique. Think of AirBnB but instead of vacationers, it’s for workers. Sharing a very similar concept, Vrumi lets home owners list their space online for workers who need temporary space. It’s free to list and definitely an attractive alternative to expensive office space.


I personally think that AirBnB is the leader in its space, and Vrumi is just a “spin off” of the original idea. It’s absolutely fantastic and here are my reasons for what makes this concept a much needed relief for those looking for office space:

Couple counting coins
Couple counting coins

It saves people money


I like to start off with the most obvious reasons and this reason definitely tops the list. If someone can rent someone’s dining room table instead of paying expensive monthly rent at some corporate building, they’re surely saving money. Of course if someone doesn’t have a dedicated workspace, they may very well go to a coffee shop or stay at home, but if those aren’t viable options, working from someone’s quiet space in their home may be the next best thing. With hundreds of available space listed online (only in London currently), it gives workers the flexibility to decide where they’ll be most productive. Maybe at a swanky place downtown so they’re part of the buzz or a quiet neighbourhood in the suburbs. Either options should help anyone cut down on overhead expenses.


It helps connect people


If you happen to use Vrumi on a regular basis and choose to stay at a specific place on a regular basis, you’re bound to get to know the owner of the space from whom you are renting. You’ll see them a few times a week and of course you’re in their personal space, so they’d naturally want to get to know you. If they happen to be there the entire time you’re working, you’re bound to strike up conversations with them and perhaps even form some sort of friendship outside the Vrumi transaction. You’re literally going somewhere to meet people – something that seems to become less popular these days with the proliferation of the online world from games to social media. It gives you a chance to be social and talk to people in person – what a novel idea!


It’s extra income


Like many people, we all leave the house each morning to go to work and the house is left completely empty. If there’s an opportunity for you to make some extra income with Vrumi while your space isn’t being used anyway, why not do it? It’s good spending money that you hadn’t made before. Especially for folks who list their space on the AirBnB for out of towners, this is exactly the same. The only difference is that your guests will likely be gone by the time you come back from work. Since you’re likely at work for 40 hours or so a week, those are 40 lucrative hours that your empty space could be making money for you. For someone who wouldn’t mind doing this on a daily basis, that’s great pocket change that can be used to splurge and spoil yourself a bit. Best part is that you didn’t have to work for it!


In my opinion, Vrumi makes a lot of sense. What’s next? Renting your backyard out to campers or backpackers or for family BBQs? You may laugh at that idea, but that’s really not that farfetched. Space is a hot commodity and people are willing to pay for it. Just ask the Founders of AirBnB – they’ll surely agree.

Earn Money fast

Yoyo Wallet: the triple threat in business

As consumers, we’ve all seen services that do one of three things: process payments, collect loyalty rewards and marketing. This United Kingdom start-up decided to roll them all into one, creating a seriously powerful tool for businesses and consumers everywhere.


What possibilities does that open up for businesses? Let’s take a look, shall we?


More sales


From new sales to repeat sales, there’ll likely be a huge increase in transactions. For new customers who didn’t know that a business may be using Yoyo, they may very well be inclined to try. Loyal customers will already have experienced the great perks of Yoyo and will likely continue their affinity to their favourite businesses. While finding a payment gateway isn’t that tough of a job, finding a fitting loyalty program can prove to be a bit more challenging. Let’s not get into the world of marketing – unless you’re a Marketer at heart, this is still a major concern for many businesses out there. Yoyo offers more than just more sales – it means less time deciding which service to use for all three needs: well, Yoyo Wallet allows businesses to focus on other, more important things. They make more money and save time…


Personalized offers


Any good business owner knows that offering customized products and services to their customers is a sure way to increase their sales and retention. As a consumer, when I read something that’s personally addressed to me instead of the generic greeting meant for masses, it gives me a sense of being special. It means that someone’s taken the time to address me as a person instead of me as part of their customer pool. While a computer may have very well be the reason for this, it’s still pretty darn special to know that someone had thought about it. As consumers and people, we like it when we’re paid special attention… this is a lesson that most businesses should seriously leverage.


A complete mobile wallet


It’s a trend that both Apple and Google are fully capitalizing on. If you don’t have Apple Pay on your phone yet, you’re definitely missing out. I’ve gone out without my wallet a few times in the last few months and foolishly worried that I couldn’t pay for my purchases because I left my wallet at home. Well, no more! If a payment terminal takes tap payments, then you can pay with your phone. Yoyo is obviously gearing towards this goal as well. They’re looking to build a digital wallet so that we won’t ever need anything more than our phones when we go anywhere. While I haven’t yet heard of IDs being accepted if they’re on your phone, it’s surely just a matter of time. ID cards seem to be the only thing left in your wallet that hasn’t been completely mobilized, but I’m calling it now – it will happen. Companies like Yoyo are paving the way for the future – here I go again: it’s the way of the future!


Yoyo’s processed about 400,000 transactions in May of this year which means that businesses and consumers alike are very much appreciating the convenience it offers. In countries where Yoyo (or similar services) isn’t yet available, customers still need to pay and provide their physical loyalty cards… that’s so yesterday! Or if you’re one of those who remember all your cards’ numbers – don’t we have enough to remember these days? If you’re like me and you enjoy simply tapping your phone to pay for your purchases, I’m sure you can’t wait for Yoyo to come to you! Hopefully it won’t take that long…


Company Growing Tactics In Uk

Building and establishing a company is a difficult and time taking task, and running a business even more difficult. If your business is running successfully and smoothly then you can now choose to expand and grow it. This is again a time taking and challenging task that needs a lot of attention, transition from a small to a medium sized business is no doubt one of the most challenging stage in the life of a businessman.

Even the slightest of mistakes and exhibition of laziness can hurt the company’s growth. It is important for every business owner to use the best strategies for this purpose. Strategies differ from country to country, here you learn about the best strategies for the growth of a company in the UK. Here you will find some tips and tactics that can help grow a business.

Try Working With The Existing Staff

As the owner of the company it won’t hurt if you manage to make your staff feel at home. It is a good idea to take ideas from employees as well, Online-inductionsyou might be surprised at what you can learn because sometimes your employees might have some great ideas. Listening to the ideas of your employees can also help them feel part of the future of the company which will in turn make them work more efficiently.


If you choose to merge with another company then that can also prove to worth it. What merger means is that you join your business with another business in order to increase the profit and size of your business in very less time. On the upside this purchase can bring great financial advantage to your existing company and it can allow your business to expand its fields of operations. On the downside, such an acquisition can sometimes drain your original financial and management resources.

These were a few strategies that you can use in order to make your company grow in the UK. Growing and expanding a business or company is one of the most important things to do for any businessman. For this he should be willing to go to many heights in order to achieve that goal. These were only a few methods and strategies but you can ultimately find and invent more on your own. Depending on the situation of the company, these strategies tend to change. If you manage to follow these tactics that you can surely expand your business.